Message from Safety Officers

Motorcycle Endorsements

Better rider education, licensing, and public awareness mean safer motorcycling. Please refer to the Michigan Motorcycle Operator Manual on the web. Effective strategies to increase the operators of other vehicles to be more conscious of the presence of motorcyclists is by participating in all safety programs for motorcycles, including the proper endorsement for riding a motorcycle.

To operate a motorcycle on public roads, you must possess a valid Michigan driver’s license with a “motorcycle endorsement.”

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration updates motorcycle operator-licensing systems, which is an official national standard.

Road Captains

There is always a need for Road Captains in our Chapter. If you are interested in becoming a Road Captain, please view our guidelines, and contact the Head Road Captain or Safety Officer for an application.

Stay Safe

Please make it a habit to give your Motorcycle a safety check prior to riding, it will only take a few seconds and may save your life.

Ride Safe!

Glen Bradow
Safety Officer

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