Road Captain Requirements

There is always a need for Road Captains in our Chapter. If you are interested in becoming a Road Captain, please contact the Head Road Captain or Safety Officer for an application.

Road Captain Requirements

  • You must be a Shiawassee MI Chapter member and have a motorcycle endorsement.
  • Have at least two years of recent riding experience.
  • Lead six rides with a Road Captain to coach you. (Expect some constructive criticism). You may not be comfortable starting with a Chapter Dinner Ride and may make arrangements with the Safety Officer or Head Road Captain to organize a group ride to gain experience.
  • Receive a vote of confidence from the Road Captains involved in your six ride seasoning period.

Road Captains are Expected to:

  • Always be ready to lead a variety of rides.
  • Attend Road Captain meetings whenever possible. Road Captains are, however, required to attend at least three scheduled Road Captain meetings each year. During each year a minimum of four Road Captain meetings will be scheduled at a time other than the first Monday of each month. This will enable those with conflicting schedules to attend.
  • Arrive early for rides to help line up bikes and familiarize yourself with the route.
  • Help insure non-members in your group have signed the appropriate waivers.
  • Help make sure all riders are familiar with the basic hand signals, formations and intervals.

Road Captains are encouraged to:

  • Attend a M.S.F. or H.O.G. approved safe rider class. The Safety Officer will make the Chapter aware of classes offered in our area.
  • Attend other classes like "Downed Rider" or "Mature Rider" that may be scheduled for the Chapter by the Safety Officer.
  • Attend First-Aid and CPR classes scheduled by the Safety Officer.
  • Participate in the Group Riding Skills class organized by the Safety Officer.


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